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We tore out of the house when we smelled the smoke. Salimos corriendo de la casa cuando olimos el humo.

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Keegan's brief flirtation with Newcastle and management looks increasingly certain to end in tears Bubba got himself involved in a relationship with a foreigner that was destined to end in tears her glittering judo career ended in tears and disappointment last night. No, I'm certain Andreyev wouldn't go for that option. Here comes Mr Smith! I've been injured on court. I couldn't tear myself away from the party it was difficult to tear ourselves away. I'll tear her eyes out if I find she's been messing around with my husband.

I'm practically tearing my hair out I just don't know what to do with my sone I was tearing my hair out with worry. Frases con "tear". Tiene un error No es clara Le faltan traducciones Le faltan conjugaciones Otros comentarios. Quéjate de este anuncio. Envíanos tus comentarios. Una palabra nueva cada día Ejemplos escritos por nativohablantes Retos de vocabulario.

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Here I am torn both ways. También se ha presentado, asimismo, la enmienda 32 y en este caso yo me siento dividida.

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Gran Bretaña tea también: Sinónimos Sinónimos inglés para "tear": English binge bout buck bust charge deplumate deplume displume pluck pull rent rip rupture shoot shoot down. English afternoon tea Camellia sinensis tea leaf teatime. Ejemplos de uso Ejemplos de uso para "tear" en español Estos enunciados provienen de fuentes externas y pueden ser poco precisos. English These are the fault lines that will eventually tear the European single currency apart. English Drugs breed crime and social destitution and tear many people' s lives apart. English Drugs breed crime and social destitution and tear many people's lives apart.

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English Problems are not solved by truncheons, tear gas and brute force. Robin and SpellCaster tore across the parking lot in record time. Gravel sprayed behind him as he tore along the drive, aiming for the great iron gates ahead. Zan watches his kids as they tear around the yard. Otherwise they start around nine or nine thirty, when I'm woken up by the kids that I live with tearing around the house and shouting.

I don't know how long I had been laying there, but soon I heard a car fly into the drive way and someone tear through the house and upstairs, yelling my name. They say riders tearing along pavements in the area have sent pensioners and mothers, pushing children in prams, sprawling. I was so excited about it that I tore through my house Friday night, looking for the perfect picture from which to paint from.

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I tore along the ditch, as the car was struggling to stay in control. Reckless drivers who tear around the streets of Bradford face having their vehicles seized under new police powers.

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  • The young boy from the left wing tore across the library, turning over every table and fire lit lamp as he did so. Yes, it's a slightly bumpy ride on my trusty bike, but I'm grateful that some vehicle drivers can no longer tear along at high speeds. She had just waved her off on to the No 66 to Maynooth and was standing against the wall of the Clarence Hotel when the bus came tearing along the pavement. Then you see little Robert on a hyper streak, tearing around the house, only to be calmed by his gran showing him how to load a revolver - one of a stash of six guns.

    Already there have been noisy motorbikes tearing along the path photographs available , but Mr Neale lives well away and so is not exposed to the noise. Then the cancer struck and quickly began tearing through his body. Through the billowing spray their sails can be seen far out in the deep swell, tearing along at improbable speed and leaping high over the waves.

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    Besides churning up the meadows, the vandals have been tearing along paths and dirt tracks. In English, many things are named after a particular country — but have you ever wondered what those things are called in those countries? Many words formed by the addition of the suffix —ster are now obsolete - which ones are due a resurgence? As their breed names often attest, dogs are a truly international bunch.

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    Frases de ejemplo inglesas. It is the end of the hunt when the animal is torn to pieces that the majority of people do not like. The edges of the hole snagged and tore his robes, scratching him all over. Be careful not to tear the plastic or break the aluminum strip. Roughly tear the cos into pieces and place in a large salad bowl. I will write lines of poetry on the back of bus tickets and envelopes, and then I will tear them into tiny pieces and watch them flutter to the ground.

    She then helped Nasywa and three other infants touch pieces of paper, tearing them up and pasting them on another sheet. Of course what they failed to realise is that a Goth Club is the least likely place for a fight in the world - wouldn't want to break a nail or tear your new PVC outfit would you?

    The plaster and wallpaper were all torn and broken in more places then were normal. His flannel button town shirt was torn and his jeans sported more holes than Swiss cheese. As I watch them writhe in simulated pain, a young punk comes along and grabs some cardboard from the ground and starts tearing it into tiny pieces.

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    The plane was apparently torn apart before it burned, killing the pilot and copilot. Grabbing the notes from the bed, she began to tear them into small pieces. It's only a matter of time before the spell's protection will fade and her human body be torn apart by the force of gravity, so Orphen has to act quickly. All the talk about foxes being torn to pieces misses the point, he says.

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    A bullet tearing the fabric on his shoulder told him that here was not the place to do it. His clothes lay torn a few feet away. Shane started to scribble on a piece of tissue, when Max grabbed it and tore it into pieces. From where he was standing, he could see the cloaking fabric torn by the missile explosion and the falling boulders what seemed like hours ago.

    Parts of the huts were torn and cracked in some places and it looked as if an army had swept through and annihilated the whole place.